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Why sell with Proprio Direct ?

The formula that attracts 100% of buyers - Proprio Direct

The formula that attracts 100% of buyers

For more than 30 years, Proprio Direct has attracted both buyers who want to buy direct and those who prefer to buy with a broker. It is well known, the more buyers we attract, the more we increase our chances of selling quickly.

Nothing to pay before having sold - Proprio Direct

It's sold or it's free

Our offer is safe because you do not pay anything until you sell. In addition, Proprio Direct allows you to sell on your own while enjoying the services of a broker and an advantageous commission rate.

Exclusive marketing programs - Proprio Direct

Exclusive marketing programs

With Proprio Direct, you benefit from the efficiency of our industry-leading exclusive marketing programs.

Commission from only 2%

Proprio Direct stands out with its unique offering that allows you to sell on your own, while enjoying the services of a broker from the beginning to the end of the transaction and enjoy a favorable commission rate.

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Talk to the broker in your area Sell a property with Proprio Direct and you could get a lot of AIR MILES® miles as a gift!

Get AIR MILES<sup>®</sup> Reward Miles- Proprio&nbsp;Direct

Get 250 AIR MILES® Reward Miles

When you make an appointment for a free estimate of the market value of your property

Benefit from the fact that Proprio Direct is the only real estate agency in Quebec that can offer you AIR MILES® Reward Miles to get even more quickly.

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